WIS: Pricing for Trailers and Clips

Book Trailers and Corporate Clips

What attracts the reader’s eye?  The image, of course, and wise writers look to graphic artists for guidance with the book cover.  Yet how do we draw people to look at the cover in the first place?  Have you considered a book trailer?

You can write tens of thousands of words for a manuscript, but you can’t write a short script for a trailer that will be 30 seconds to a minute long.  Or you’re too busy with your customers and clients to spend the hours necessary to develop a short clip for your website or Facebook page.

Contract with us. 

For books, all you need to do is provide a synopsis / blurb and a few elements on a script questionnaire.  For products or services, we will drop by, tour your business, ask a few questions, then head off:  Once we have the background information we need, your part of the job is over.

Writers Ink will work in three stages:

First is Stage 1: our preliminary script based on the questionnaire / interview and your provided information.  If you want to make suggestions or head us in a different direction, that’s workable.  If you want us to go in a different direction, that’s do-able although we may need more information.  We will happily cycle back through Stage 1 with you.

Stage 2: We will generate a completed MP4 film file using MS PowerPoint, which we will upload to our YouTube for website.  Once it’s up, you can hyperlink to it or download it to your own drive, to a cloud drive, to Facebook, and to your website.  We advise having the original in two separate locations.  Want it on a flashdrive?  $15.00 more (Sorry.  Cost of flashdrive.)

Stage 3:  Sound makes trailers wonderful.  Once you approve the basic MP4 film file, we will select sound files that work with the tone of your novel or atmosphere of your product or service.  If you wish to choose your file from audiojungle or Envato Market, you will need to provide us with the location information.  Once the file is chosen, we will add the sound file to the MP4 draft.

Cost of Services

  • Deposit before Stage 1 of the Book Trailer :: $100.00  This deposit will be applied to the total cost.  If you want to stop at this point, our generated script becomes your property.
  • 2nd Stage Development of the Trailer / Clip :: MP4 without Sound $215.00 (minus the deposit, the amount is $115.00 more.)
  • 3rd Stage Addition of Sound to the MP4 film file :: $50.00 (location and cost of the sound file included) or $35.00 plus the cost of the sound* file that you located** on audiojungle PLUS the cost of insertion and second manipulation of the MP4 file to work with the sound file).

For all three stages of work, you are paying $265.00.  This includes the approved script, development of the film file, and insertion of the sound file, all into an easily accessible form.  You are paying for our expertise and our time, and we will provide you a quality product that you can proudly use on your social media platforms.

If you want us to upload the trailer / clip to your website and to your Facebook page, we will be happy to do so for an additional fee.

*Sound files should be located on audiojungle or on Envato Market.  If you have licensed copyright access to another sound file of reasonable length, we will try to work with you.
**If you locate the sound file and the cost of that sound file is more than $25.00, the additional cost will be applied to your bill.