Think / Pro: Overcoming Writer’s Block, part 2 of 3

Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Yes, it sounds like heresy.  It must be wrong.  Everyone talks about Writer’s Block.

I’m preaching that Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Instead, if you’re in a writing slump, you have one of three distinct problems.

And I’ve got some solutions.

Problem 1 was Writer’s Refusal.  It’s the easiest to overcome.

Problem 2, this blog’s focus, is Writer’s Procrastination.  Difficult to overcome if you accept the challenge.

Many don’t.

Problem 3 is coming on Halloween.  It’s the scariest of the three problems.

Take heart for now, for two fears control Writer’s Procrastination.

created on powerpoint by Emily R. Dunn
infographic for Writers Ink Books

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