Punctuation: Type I Errors Practice

If you want exercises to drill avoidance of the comma splice and the fused sentence, you can head over to chompchomp.com, a delightful website with lots of exercises.  Multiple college writing labs around the nation uses chompchomp, officially titled Grammar Bytes, with a big gorilla as the site image.

Here’s another practice for you for free, that I used with my students.  I don’t remember the source;  it’s certainly not mine originally.

10 total errors >> Highlight the error.  Label in the L margin.  Pick from missing words, CS, FS, fragment, subject/verb agreement.

Office gossip no longer at the water cooler.  Companies that are online have a better way to relay gossip and email is the medium.   Some court cases have made corporate executives rethinks policies on transmitting emails and destroying old messages.  Seemingly harmless communications have been retrieved, this information has been used in sexual harassment cases and other lawsuits.  A single employee can thousands of pages of email messages, however, the mail is not censored or monitored.  Consequently, companies are eager for systems that reviews and spot-checks email. Company executives are employing programs that censor email and block messages containing inappropriate material this monitoring of emails prevent embarrassing situations.  CEOs understand that Big Brother has a better view.  Since employees began hitting the Send button.