Punctuation: Type I Errors Test

Here’s a test, for free for you, that I once gave to my students on three of the Type I errors.  I know, I know.  I only talked about two of the errors, but the third error is the sentence fragment, and you should be able to figure it out.

Test Covering Three Type I Sentence Errors

Identify the following sentences using the coding provided.

A = fragment     B = comma splice      C = fused sentence       D = correct sentence

  • Five of the options will be correct sentences.
  1. The children played in the backyard, the swings and the sandbox amused them.
  2. The boat docked, all the passengers got off.
  3. The combination of diet, exercise, and rest which must be strictly followed to bring about healing.
  4. The architects have worked hard the lowest contractor bid will get the job.
  5. Languages are not easy for me I do better at math.
  6. The boy that you invited to the party.
  7. Jack listens to his i-pod all the time except when Laura hides it.
  8. Lisa left early but no one knew why.
  9. The cove is quite pretty, it is rocky at low tide.
  10. She loved science however she failed the test.
  11. The action during the first scene.
  12. Although we were hungry, we waited patiently.
  13. Bagels used to found only in the Orient.
  14. A wide meadow, a babbling brook, and bright sunshine.
  15. Carlos wanted to be an actor, jobs were hard to get.
  16. We rounded the bend, the castle came into view.
  17. Many cacti are odd-looking plants they have beautiful blooms.
  18. Emily Dickinson wrote most of her poems without leaving her home.
  19. Without saying a word, the messenger handed me the envelope.
  20. The trick amazed the crowd they had never seen anything like it.

If you want to check your answers, then email winkbooks@aol.com.  Place CSFSFRAG test in the subject line.  Have fun!