Think / Pro: Juggling

Merry Christmas.

Thanks for checking us out on Christmas Day.  You should be playing with your gifts.  Or the wrapping paper.  Or wrapping the ribbons from the bows around someone.

However ~

For the truly resolved:  juggling 3 balls.

For the over-achievers:  juggling more than 3.

What on earth.

Check out the writing blog over at Writers Ink Books:  it’s the last one of the year, and the last Think / Pro blog at WIB.

Yep, new year, new focus.

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And here’s an additional Christmas gift:  juggling with Penn and Teller in China:



Think / Pro: Best Gift Ever

Best gift ever.

That’s the search for birthdays and the holidays, isn’t it?

Christmas is only 10 days way.

The resolutions for New Year’s are 16 days away.

With shopping and wrapping gifts and celebrations at works and with friends and with family, we’ve no time left.

If you’re a professional writer, what’s the best gift that you can give a newbie?  Wish fulfillment.

If you’re a newbie, what’s the best gift that you can give yourself?  Wish fulfillment.

Yep, the answer’s the same.

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Think / Pro: Beauty is Joy Forever

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

And what could be more beautiful than a guide to your dream and a planner to keep you resolved to follow the guide.  Think / Pro!

Think like a Pro and Think / Pro build on the 7 lessons that help turn an amateur into a professional, particularly in the writing environment.  Two sets of covers are available.

 Here are the unisex covers. 

The planner companion to Think like a Pro is available now!

Here’s the link to the gonnabe-pro writer’s guide.

Here are the flowery covers :

Think / Pro, a Planner for Writers, available now

For the planner: This is the link to the flowery cover.

Go here for the manual with its 7 lessons.

The 7 Lessons

  • The # 1 lesson for success in any field
  • A mantra to keep bum in chair
  • Choosing a plot
  • Essentials for characters
  • Conquering Writer’s Block
  • Sparking Creativity
  • Healthy habits for projects, for yourself, and for the money you earn

Want to be published?  Still telling yourself “carpe diem” but days speed by before you grab several hours to write?

Time to change “Seize the Day” into “Seize the Dream.”

Do you start stories but never complete them?  Are you waiting on your muse while she hides behind trees and in caves?  Do you know how to write but the mountainous novel seems insurmountable, with too many words and too few days?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re not thinking like a professional writer.  Stop procrastinating, and achieve your dream.  Like the writer M.A. Lee, in three short years you can become a published writer of 12-plus novels.

As a daily companion and goals-tracker, the Think / Pro Planner will guide your daily path.  Using an undated weekly layout, start anytime and skip any vacation weeks.  Progress meters, word count trackers, healthy habits monitors, and monthly, seasonal, & yearly reviews and previews keep you focused.

Think / Pro: Right and Left Brains

In our last blog, on 13 Sparks for Creativity, I talked about the right brain needing time for free-flow thought.  To give that right brain the time that it needs, you need to keep your left brain engaged in other tasks.

Winter Again, the land sleeps. Give your project its own winter.

The whole purpose is to let your finished project have some “sleep” so you return to it refreshed, creativity ready to be sparked

Remember, there’s a difference between a finished project and a completed one.  We can’t complete a project unless it has had its winter sleep.

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To purchase the book from which these blogs came, with expansions in the revised edition, please investigate.


Think / Pro: 13 Sparks for Creativity

13 Ways to Spark Creativity

Tilt your head sideways ~ 1.

This means to think unconventionally.  Look for unusual connections.

Play a game to find different ways to match up things that aren’t normally match-able.  Ink becomes tattoos become hieroglyphs becomes spiderwebs.

Another form of this is to transform the use of a common object.  For example, turn a brick into a bird feeder or a pencil holder or a kitchen trivet for a hot pot.

Mind Maps and Free-writing ~ 2.

Both processes follow where the brain leads.  Do both with pen/cil and paper, not on computer.  Using the hand awakens the brain.  Drs. Carrie and Arron Barron discuss this in their book The Creativity Cure.

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