Punctuation : New Eyes for Old Codes

Monster Monday :: Using Punctuation

Grammar Monster asks this Essential Question: How do the primary punctuation codes function in 5 different purposes?

This means “Squared-off Turn Ahead.” What it doesn’t say is “slow down; tricky turn to maneuver through.”

1: Starters

2: Enders

3: Links that Separate

4: Short-Cutters

5: Special Marks

Here’s a new way to look at Punctuation.

All the punctuation marks basically perform 5 functions.  And all the punctuation rules fit into those five functions.  Figure out what the mark is doing and the reason it needs to be done, and punctuation will never be a mystery again.

Here’s another new way to look at Punctuation.

Every line of text that you read is like a road.  As you read, you drive along that road.

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Think / Pro: Juggling

Merry Christmas.

Thanks for checking us out on Christmas Day.  You should be playing with your gifts.  Or the wrapping paper.  Or wrapping the ribbons from the bows around someone.

However ~

For the truly resolved:  juggling 3 balls.

For the over-achievers:  juggling more than 3.

What on earth.

Check out the writing blog over at Writers Ink Books:  it’s the last one of the year, and the last Think / Pro blog at WIB.

Yep, new year, new focus.

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And here’s an additional Christmas gift:  juggling with Penn and Teller in China:



Transform with 2*0*4

“Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” from Luke 10:27

The  2 * 0 * 4 planner is designed to transform your life.

* Your heart will celebrate deepening relationships.

* Your soul will be inspired to come closer to God.

* Your mind will be sharper and clearer.

* Your body will strive toward its own ideal weight.

How can a simple planner do all this?  The key is double-pronged:  following the two-page weekly spread and committing to the core of the 2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle.

Scientific studies tell us that 21 days is necessary to break a habit, and 66 days are necessary to form a habit.  The 2 * 0 * 4 will equip you with weekly reminders for diet, water intake, and movement.  At six-week and seasonal intervals are opportunities to commit to goals to strengthen your relationships, pursue quiet contemplation or peaceful prayers, build your mind, and develop your body.

We are not simple human beings.  We are heart and soul, mind and body.  We are circles of love and caring, spiritual endeavors, curious intellectuals, and physical movement.

Any transformation requires a time commitment, and challenges confront our devotion to change.  Schedule your changes, plan for special events, take lists when shopping, and climb over the struggles that interfere with your devotion to transform.  If you fall off track with any element, just climb back on with a re-commitment to change.

At the end of a committed year of the 2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle, we guarantee that your life will have transformed for the better.

Open the planner and find ~

* The Raison d’Etre: explaining the purpose of the lifestyle and providing assistance with necessary diet changes–feast and fast, eating real food and avoiding bad fats and sugars.

* The Yearly Pre-Set, a goal-setting exercise for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body.  Accomplishments to Achieve creates lists in each area for you to consider throughout the year.

* Seasonal Pre-Set then Re-Sets, reviewing previous victories and challenges, specific goal setting, anticipated challenges, and obligations to come.

* The weekly spread, undated, with a panel for reflecting over the week, daily gratitude and meditation, upcoming goals, an inspirational quotation, and a place to note your weekly weigh-in.

* At the six-week mark is a new retrospection and prospectus, considering challenges and new ideas about your goals.  After the first two six-week marks, you will encounter progress meters for these goals.

* Calendars of important dates from 2019 to 2023.



* Notes and Looking Ahead pages, Gifts and Wish List, and My Lists:  films, restaurants, books, tech, places, hikes, music, and vacation spots.

What other planner combines heart and soul, mind and body?  Make the decision to live a whole life with 2 * 0 * 4.

Reach for the life you want with 2 * 0 * 4.

This English Cottage version is available exclusively on Amazon.  7 versions are available ~ Check M.A. Lee’s author page on Amazon.

by Deranged Doctor Design
The English Cottage cover
The English Cottage version of the planner, a little blurry because this is a screenshot.

Think / Pro: Best Gift Ever

Best gift ever.

That’s the search for birthdays and the holidays, isn’t it?

Christmas is only 10 days way.

The resolutions for New Year’s are 16 days away.

With shopping and wrapping gifts and celebrations at works and with friends and with family, we’ve no time left.

If you’re a professional writer, what’s the best gift that you can give a newbie?  Wish fulfillment.

If you’re a newbie, what’s the best gift that you can give yourself?  Wish fulfillment.

Yep, the answer’s the same.

We’re blogging about it on Writers Ink Books: Click here to read.



Think / Pro: Beauty is Joy Forever

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

And what could be more beautiful than a guide to your dream and a planner to keep you resolved to follow the guide.  Think / Pro!

Think like a Pro and Think / Pro build on the 7 lessons that help turn an amateur into a professional, particularly in the writing environment.  Two sets of covers are available.

 Here are the unisex covers. 

The planner companion to Think like a Pro is available now!

Here’s the link to the gonnabe-pro writer’s guide.

Here are the flowery covers :

Think / Pro, a Planner for Writers, available now

For the planner: This is the link to the flowery cover.

Go here for the manual with its 7 lessons.

The 7 Lessons

  • The # 1 lesson for success in any field
  • A mantra to keep bum in chair
  • Choosing a plot
  • Essentials for characters
  • Conquering Writer’s Block
  • Sparking Creativity
  • Healthy habits for projects, for yourself, and for the money you earn

Want to be published?  Still telling yourself “carpe diem” but days speed by before you grab several hours to write?

Time to change “Seize the Day” into “Seize the Dream.”

Do you start stories but never complete them?  Are you waiting on your muse while she hides behind trees and in caves?  Do you know how to write but the mountainous novel seems insurmountable, with too many words and too few days?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re not thinking like a professional writer.  Stop procrastinating, and achieve your dream.  Like the writer M.A. Lee, in three short years you can become a published writer of 12-plus novels.

As a daily companion and goals-tracker, the Think / Pro Planner will guide your daily path.  Using an undated weekly layout, start anytime and skip any vacation weeks.  Progress meters, word count trackers, healthy habits monitors, and monthly, seasonal, & yearly reviews and previews keep you focused.