Punctuation : New Eyes for Old Codes

Monster Monday :: Using Punctuation

Grammar Monster asks this Essential Question: How do the primary punctuation codes function in 5 different purposes?

This means “Squared-off Turn Ahead.” What it doesn’t say is “slow down; tricky turn to maneuver through.”

1: Starters

2: Enders

3: Links that Separate

4: Short-Cutters

5: Special Marks

Here’s a new way to look at Punctuation.

All the punctuation marks basically perform 5 functions.  And all the punctuation rules fit into those five functions.  Figure out what the mark is doing and the reason it needs to be done, and punctuation will never be a mystery again.

Here’s another new way to look at Punctuation.

Every line of text that you read is like a road.  As you read, you drive along that road.

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