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Finding your story is the first hard step. Writing it is hardest. Hardest of all is letting go and sending your dream into the world.


Archetypes / Symbols:  a few of the blogs in the year-long series / available now

The year-long blog series goes into great detail about character and plot archetypes.  I should turn this series into a book!  That’s what I did for Think like a Pro.

MANUSCRIPT FORMATTING :: 7 + 10 things you need to know

This blog for the newbie gives a little guidance for the scary process of publishing your own work. 

Think like a Pro:  New Advent for Writers

Infographics (available now) give a taste of the chapter information in Think like a Pro.  Here’s the blog list for the infographics:

2 versions available ~ beautiful flowers or the guiding task lamp

A little more about the Raison d’Etre of the book and the planner.  7 lessons (maintaining deadlines, keeping bum in chair, developing plot AND characters, overcoming writer’s block, sparking  creativity, and being professional) give answers that newbies always ask.

To keep you on track with your writing, W.Ink Books has a Think/Pro companion planner:  undated, project-focused, two-page weekly layout with daily word counts and progress meters.  Monthly and seasonal reviews and previews along with additional trackers to help you maintain your writing goals.  And the planners match the books!

Think / Pro, a Planner for Writers, available now

Writers Ink Offers Services for Writers

EDITING / PROOFING : : Prices are here.

  • Manuscript Proofreading
  • Manuscript Content Editing
  • MS Development Editing

Blogs about the Follies of Trusting the Grammar/Spelling Checker

MARKETING : : You can see pricing here.

WIS  offers a tailored marketing service of corporate clips for businesses and video trailers for books. For information, start here with this blog then continue with this one ~ Trailers and Clips .

Current Promotion

Want to be published?  The Think / Pro planner can help. [also in two cover choices, to match the manual 😉 ]

Do you start stories but never complete them?  Do you wait on your muse while she hides behind trees and in caves?

Do you know how to write, but the mountainous novel seems insurmountable, with too many words and too few days?

Do you keep telling yourself “Carpe Diem”, but days speed by before you grab several hours to write?

Time to change “Seize the Day” into “Seize the Dream.”  For success, you need to Think/Pro.  This planner can help.

The Weekly Spread

A two-page week keeps you focused on three tasks, with room to record your day-by-day focus as well as a word count tracker for daily and accumulating totals.  The Progress Meter, divided into writing stages and blocks for each ten percent of that stage, is a visual representation of your growing achievement in reaching your writing goal.

While daily word counts are important, I now advise writers to take one day off each week.  Reserve that day for planning as well as completing a creativity exercise.  On a back page is a list of 13 exercises to choose from.  Reminders of the four basic Healthy Habits (walking, water intake, sunshine, and diet) offer daily fill-ins for those who like habit trackers.

Each week also showcases an inspirational quotation from a famous writer.

Analyze your Progress with Reviews and Previews

In addition to the weekly spread are Monthly Reviews & Previews and Seasonal & Yearly Planning pages.  The planner begins with a brief look at your yearly goals, on the following page.

The Monthly Review has a Productivity Tracker and a Progress Meter as well as places to jot down Business Contacts and Expenses.  Once tax time arrives, you will have compiled the necessary information in one location.  And a Tax Tips for Writers lists on a back page the expenses you can record.

In planning, we sometimes neglect to consider obligations beyond our goals and objectives.  On the Previews is a reminder of those commitments that keep us sane.

Seasonal Previews ask you to polish the nuts and bolts of your projected words per week and sharpen up the time remaining before your deadline.  All the Reviews ask you to record your victories and consider your challenges.

The purpose of any planner is to keep us on track as well as to give us a look ahead.  In this fast-paced world, it helps to have a physical reminder, one that is not dependent on the five and more tap-clicks that it takes to access the electronic calendar on a smartphone.

Grab a pen and this planner, and quickly jot down reminders and notes.  As the Think/Pro planner is undated, you can start at any time of the year.

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Another Writers’ Guidebook:  Old Geeky Greeks, available now.