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Discovering Your Plot
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Discovering Your Plot ~ Book 6 in the Think like a Pro Writer series. You've got lots of scenes, a great beginning, a stupendous ending--but how do you put all the pieces together for a coherent story? Some writers talk Beats, some talk Acts, but what will help you see Your Plot? Discovering Your Plot is designed to help!

Discovering Sentence Craft

If you want to improve your writing, start at the basic level: words and sentences.

M.A. Lee offers the essential guidebook for enhancing your words and sentences. Discovering Sentence Craft covers figurative and structural elements, from metaphors and symbols to anaphora and paradox. The guidebook is A to Z, auxesis to zeugma with sections on the figurative and interpretive concepts as well as the structures of inversion, repetition, opposition, and sequencing.

Find more information here and buy it here.

Discovering Your Author Brand

Write to for free charts and templates from DyAB. Please specify the book in the subject line and request one of the following:

A] Worksheet for Capture Your Story / Title / Tagline / Brand

B] Script for a Blurb and a LogLine

C] Script for Trailer and Clip

While we won’t put you on a newsletter list or share your email with other people, we will highlight upcoming releases from the Writers Ink writers in the email response to which we attach the charts and templates that you requested.

Discovering Characters

Templates for Characters

How do you get your ideas? Try this sample from the guidebook called “Getting Ideas”.

Here’s a sample about using the character interview to delve more deeply in your primary characters.

And here’s the link to buy!

Discovering Your Novel

Browsing Books and Discovering Your Novel are available here.

Archetypes / Symbols:  the blogs in the 2017 year-long series will be available in the upcoming Discovering Your Plot.

MANUSCRIPT FORMATTING :: 7 + 10 things you need to know

This blog for the newbie gives a little guidance for the scary process of publishing your own work. 

Think like a Pro:  New Advent for Writers

Infographics (available now) give a taste of the chapter information in Think like a Pro.  Here’s the blog list for the infographics:

2 versions available ~ beautiful flowers or the guiding task lamp

A little more about the Raison d’Etre of the book and the planner.  7 lessons (maintaining deadlines, keeping bum in chair, developing plot AND characters, overcoming writer’s block, sparking  creativity, and being professional) give answers that newbies always ask.

To keep you on track with your writing, W.Ink Books has a Think/Pro companion planner:  undated, project-focused, two-page weekly layout with daily word counts and progress meters.  Monthly and seasonal reviews and previews along with additional trackers to help you maintain your writing goals.  And the planners match the books!

Blogs about the Follies of Trusting the Grammar/Spelling Checker

Current Books for Writers

Another Writers’ Guidebook:  Old Geeky Greeks, available now.